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To-do Lists provides simple but powerful interface for tasks management. To-do Lists features: - Quick, one-click tasks addition/removal. - Rich-text editing, in-text links support. - Seamless iCloud Reminders synchronization. - DropBox synchronization between computers and To-do Lists Mobile for iOS - Import/export of to-do lists via text files. - Printing of to-do lists or mailing them directly from the application. - Backup and restore of whole to-do database. - Full drag'n'drop support (make new to-do from web link, file, document, e-mail, or any other text by simply dropping them on to-do list). - System services support (make new to-do from any text in any application). - Rolled-up, translucent or floating to-do lists. - Customized background color, text color, font and checkbox appearance. - Reminders. - Quick-access icon in system menu. To-do Lists usage video: (or ) For more information, visit our site at or Facebook page: If you have any problems or questions using To-do Lists - visit our support forums at