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Description To Writer Pro is the most convenient text editor you’ve ever seen on Mac. It helps you create gorgeous reports, notes and documents in minutes, and keep your work in sync across all your devices. Features Easy to use • Add text, images, shapes, and more with a few clicks. • Choose from many different layouts to print your document. Powerful writing tools • Format your document with gorgeous styles, fonts, colors, and textures. • Automatic layout, such as left, center, or right alignment. • Insert pictures from your own device or your camera, and adjust the size of pictures. You can change the text wrapping setting of the picture, or move the picture to a new location. iCloud Support • Turn on iCloud so you can keep and access your documents up to date on your Mac, iPad, and iPhone. • It automatically updates your documents as you make changes. Share your work • Support for exporting to PDF files, and quickly sharing your work using Mail. • Simple, Fast Document Printing Support.