TOGAF Foundation

OS X 10.9.0
The TOGAF 9.2 Foundation exam with 435 questions - carefully prepared with explanations from an IT expert and Architect with more than 20 years of experience in the field. Questions and explanations are updated to the latest TOGAF standard 9.2 released in April 2018. Now including a large glossary with the most important terms an concepts. All the questions are divided into 6 different categories PART I: Introduction PART II: Architecture Development Method PART V: Enterprise Continuum + Tools PART VI: Architecture Capability Framework PART III: ADM Guidelines and Techniques PART IV: Architecture Content Framework This App monitors your training and adjusts the simulations according to your training progress. Different training methods and exam simulations support your effort to pass the exam on the first try. ### Training - Fully customizable training, go through all questions or pick a specific topic - Adjustable filters, train only the wrong, new or correct questions - Final training before your exam - practice until there are no more wrong questions left - Training mode "Weakest" , the App calculates a personal difficulty for each question from the way and time you answered it to identify your weakest questions - Favorites, create your own list with questions to keep track of the tricky ones - Each question comes with an explanation why it is correct or wrong - Difficulty levels: Give each question your personal difficulty level to keep track of the tough ones ### Exam simulations - Standard exam like in the real test - Time challenge: The software monitors your response time and challenges you to improve your best time so you don't run out of time during the real exam - Tough exam: The software keeps track of the question you struggle with and prepares a simulation from the toughest questions - Custom exam: Customize time, passing rate and questions - The App keeps track of all your answers and makes sure that all questions appear on the exam ### Keep track of your questions - Favorites: Create a list of questions to remember - Difficulty level: Change the difficulty per question - Exam review: Get a detailed list of your mistakes after every exam ### 3 Reports to monitor your progress - Detailed percentage of correct/wrong for each training category - History of your exams - Performance indicators and recommendations ### Stay motivated - Personal highscores: Try to beat yourself every time - Global highscores: Be the best compared to others to boost your motivation - 16 Badges, stay motivated while learning by trying to get all the badges - Friendly support: Get support (depending on your timezone) within 24h These are only the highlights, the App has much more to offer to make sure you pass on the first try. Try it out now with a free exam included and all features enabled.