TomatoTasks – Menubar Timed-Task To-Do List

OS X 10.11
TomatoTasks - Menubar Timed-Task To-Do List, will help you organize all of your daily tasks and maximize productivity. This task management app is designed to help you separate your day-to-day workload into small time blocks, proven to increase overall productivity. Using the Pomodoro Technique® you work in small time blocks of up to 25 minutes. TomatoTASKS allows you to easily add or remove Time & Tasks from your daily todo list. Quickly pause, stop or resume your tasks at anytime during your productivity session. Complete tasks more efficiently by limiting interruptions, reducing distractions, and increasing focus! TomatoTasks - Menubar Timed-Task To-Do List, allows you to export your task-lists to multiple formats, including .PDF, .TXT, and .DOCX for printing, emailing, or sharing with others. Being a menubar app, TomatoTASKS stays out of your way as you work. TomatoTASKS is the perfect day-to-day task list for everyday use. The Pomodoro Technique® & Pomodoro™ are registered trademarks of Francesco Cirillo. This app is not affiliated with Francesco Cirillo. Features: -Add multiple Pomodoro™ timed tasks. -Add Timed Tasks. -Add and Remove time to each task. -Quickly navigate between tasks -Add notes to Tasks. -Pause and resume Tasks. -PDF Export Tasks. -Add, Edit, and Delete Tasks. -Manage Tasks and Todo lists. -Tag tasks by priority and importance. -Multiple colored themes. -Keep track of today's work, past due and upcoming tasks. Good For: -General Productivity. -Daily Tasks. -Everyday To-Do List. -Getting Things Done. -Business Owners. -Authors. -Bloggers. -Internet Marketers. -Web Developers. -Programmers. -Freelancers. -Small Business Owners. -Photographers. -Wedding Planners. -Logo Designers. -Graphic Designers. -Web Designers. -Web Developers. -Site Administrators. -SEO Consultants. -Internet Marketers. -Wordpress, Drupal, and Joomla Developers.