Tone Generator

OS X 10.12
Generate audio signals with this handy app. Control the volume, waveform and frequency in real time with no pops or clicks. Tap the values to enter directly using the keyboard. The app also includes an audio extension instrument to be used within AUv3 compatible audio software. The instrument audio unit can even respond to MIDI notes from the software host! Use it for: - Testing audio equipment - Checking acoustics - Help relaxation and concentration with the white/pink noise - Tuning instruments - Science experiments - Testing hearing Features: - Includes audio instrument extension to use in Logic Pro, GarageBand and other AUv3 compatible music software - The AUv3 instrument can respond to MIDI notes - Anti alias feature to remove false harmonics from triangle and sawtooth waveforms - Smooth volume and frequency control, no clicks or pops changing between modes - Set volume and frequency with sliders or tap the value to enter using the keyboard - Visual display of generated waveform that responds to volume and frequency in real time Waveforms: - Sinewave - Triangle - Sawtooth - White noise - Pink noise Check the developer apps links for more audio apps!