Toolbox for Yi 4K

OS X 10.10
The Toolbox for Xiaomi Yi 4k/4k+ cameras allows you to control your camera. The app supports a self timer, HDR/exposure bracketing, and GPS based triggers. A quick control mode allows you to quickly capture scenes with a single click. Demo video: ## Features ## - Supports Xiaomi Yi 4k and 4k+ cameras. - Self timer. - Capture exposure series (HDR) with unlimited number of pictures. - RAW/DNG support for HDR. - HDR time-lapse/interval function. - Presets for fast switching of camera settings. - GPS based camera control (trigger controls when entering certain places). - Quick capture mode for recording videos, and capturing photos with a single click. - Control camera settings. - Live video preview. - Download photos and videos over Wifi. ## Important ## Please update your Xiaomi Yi 4k/4k+ to the latest firmware which you can find here: "". ## Disclaimer ## - We are not affiliated with Yi Cooperation.