ToolShelf 4 3Dconnexion

OS X 10.11
ToolShelf 4 3Dconnexion is a small tool to monitor and configure a 3Dconnexion 3D mouse for testing purposes. It is an accompanying application for a HowTo article series that will be released shortly at my website under This HowTo articles provide a step-by-step guide for implementing the very good CAD navigation devices from 3Dconnexion into an OS X application using Apple's new programming language Swift. As of release 1.0.x version 2.1 of Swift is used. Therefor OS X El Capitan (10.11) is necessary to run this tool. Currently supported 3Dconnexion devices in terms of reported Ids and device names are the SpaceMouse Pro (wired), SpaceNavigator (wired) and the CADMouse. Monitoring actions like e.g. pressed buttons or activated axis should work with every 3Dconnexion device that is compatible with the latest 3Dconnexion driver. The CADMouse has currently no public APIs that I am aware of, so only its name and device-Id are displayed when connected. Please make sure you have the latest 3Dconnexion driver installed. The app will check the presence of the driver and give you feedback if the driver is not correctly installed. Please also report any issues or suggestions for more functionality, so I can improve this tool and write further HowTo content for the community. You can find the source code under the MIT license under