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AS MANY POSSIBILITIES AS THERE ARE COLOURS Open Top Folder by pressing the FN key or choose your own free selectable key combination as alternative for FN key. Whatever you’re currently working on, TopFolder will always stay on top, giving you instant, direct access to all your data. Using drag-and-drop, any folder on your computer can be integrated into TopFolder to speed up your work and to save many clicks. 26 GROUPS FROM A TO Z Our 26 groups of folders are labelled A to Z. Each of these 26 groups contains ten folders, giving you an amazing 260 TopFolders. To make things even easier, the name of each group is shown above the first few folders. To jump to a particular group, hold ctrl and press a letter between A and Z. The currently selected folder always displays its name, so you’ll always know where you are. You can assign any colour of your choice to any folder. The names of folders and groups can be changed at will, enabling you to keep everything in order. And if you’re online, you can even drag network folders into a vacant TopFolder position! NEW FOLDERS AS IF BY MAGIC Just drag one or more files over an empty greyed-out folder and drop them. A new TopFolder will be created automatically – as if by magic! SHIFTING PROGRAM WINDOWS IS A THING OF THE PAST Open TopFolder to gain direct access to your USB, external hard drive or SD card without having to move program windows. Thanks to TopFolder, you no longer have to move open programs to one side to access external hard disks or other USB devices. Use TopFolder to drag and drop content straight into any program faster than ever before. You can also scroll through each content window or view multiple subfolders. INTERIM STORAGE WITH T&T T&T is located on the left, next to the disk folder in the toolbar. It’s ideal for ‘this and that’ – absolutely anything you want to store for later. For example, say you’ve just received an email with a PDF attachment but you’re too busy to read it now and aren’t sure where to save it. Just place it in the T&T folder and deal with it later on.