Tortoise and the Hare

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• Winner of a MOM'S CHOICE Gold Award • Winner of a PARENTS’ CHOICE Gold Honor Award • A fully interactive storybook for young and emerging readers • Based on the award winning titles originally published by Living Books • Educational Volume Discount now available Review: "Every word on every page is interactive, and the book comes with multiple languages, parent tips, and an extensive teacher resource guide to use the app/storybook in the classroom setting. These features combined with top-notch storytelling make this app worth it's price tag. Download it, and enjoy hours of fun with your little one." - Tim Leverett ©2013 Parents' Choice Have you ever wished you could play inside a story and really interact with all the characters and words? Now you can! The Tortoise and the Hare is an imaginative and interactive reading experience with fully animated content loved by children, parents and teachers alike. Wanderful brings every page of this classic Aesop's fable to life. Read and play along as the Tortoise proves that slow and steady wins the race. Join him as he accepts the much faster Hare's challenge to a race - one that doesn't turn out exactly as the Hare had planned. KEY FEATURES: • Interactive storybook in English, Spanish and French • Change language from any page in the story • 12 fully animated pages • Virtually every item on each page comes to life when clicked • All words are "active" for extended word play and language learning - click on any word to hear it spoken • A hidden animated surprise on each page - see if you can find Ruppert the dragonfly • Move between pages with the new scrolling page navigation • Multiple settings to customize the App for your child's reading experience • Two modes: "Read to Me" and the fully interactive "Let Me Play" • Parental tips to help you get the most out of this Wanderful interactive storybook • Teacher resources include a 32 page overview of Wanderful interactive storybooks Classroom Activities and the full 48 page Tortoise and the Hare Classroom Activities guide Wanderful's goal is to bring outstanding interactive storybooks to a new generation of children. We hope The Tortoise and the Hare provides your family, children and students with hours of story play. The Tortoise and the Hare is credited to Greek storyteller Aesop (620-564 BC). This version is retold by Living Books creator Mark Schlichting. The characters were designed by Michael Dashow and backgrounds were painted by Barbara Lawrence, each an original Living Books team member. Privacy Disclosure Wanderful creates engaging interactive storybooks for children that are educational, fun, and above all safe and appropriate. This app: • does not collect any information • does not contain ads • does not contain in-app purchases, but has links to other Wanderful Apps • includes active links to websites or social networks, but ONLY from the PARENTS and TEACHERS pages, not from the storybook pages