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Resize, crop and convert unlimited number of photos with just one click and make these more suitable for emails, blogs, websites, social networks, your personal use or for your business. Details: 1. Drag & Drop Select in the finder the photo files, as many you want, and drag & drop all of them into the application window. 2. Resize Scale your photos up and down, using the options “percentage”, “maximum pixels” and “pixels”. 3. Crop Cut away unneeded image parts. 4. Convert Select, in the settings dialog, one of the image formats for files creation: JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, XMP and PPM. 5. Rename option You can give your photos new names. 6. Live preview You can preview how resulting photos will look like, in the embedded previewer or in the Mac OS X native view, before the operations process is started. 7. Batch You do not need to waste hours upon hours adjusting image files one-by-one. All dropped files will be processed after single click on the “Start” button.