Touring Engine

OS X 10.13
Touring Engine for macOS is a production tool to create geo-triggered tours for users of the iOS Touring Engine application. Producers can easily drag and drop markers on a map for any location in the world to establish a destination geofence. After creating a destination, audio, video, or text media is assigned to the destination which is played back upon entering the assigned geofence. Touring Engine for iOS is a location-aware application which uses GPS geofences to trigger media playback. Touring Engine uses Apple Maps to route you to your destination, then upon arrival emits a local notification you tap to play full-quality media content (audio, video and synthesized speech). Tours contain any number of destinations, and users can consume tours authored by others or compose their own. This is a crowdsourced touring application where users create public tours open to everyone, or private tours available to select share participants. Public tours remain available for minimally 30 days while private tours are retained under author control. The combined application can be used to create travel tours, location based radio stations, realtor talking home tours, and more. Each user determines when and if they wish to watch or listen to location triggered media.