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Your goal is to become the biggest property owner in famous cities around the world. Earn money by collecting rent on your properties. Buy and sell a range of products, as well as vehicles for transporting them. Overcome problems caused by weather disasters and the world financial crisis. And then you’ll be a truly successful businessman. Game features: • Intuitively clear gameplay • Actual cities from around the world • Multiplayer mode for playing with friends on a single computer • Trading in products to earn additional profit • Acquisition and use of cards providing various bonuses • List of tasks that a player can complete to win a reward • Computer-generated virtual rivals to play against; their skill increases with each new level • Various events taking place in the city Additional features: • hint of the day, revealing various fine points of game strategy • reference information on points of interest and tourist attractions • musical accompaniment to create the atmosphere of each city • game statistics can be viewed to compare players’ performance • choice of player characters • the ability to set the difficulty level of computer-generated rival players • adjustable game speed