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We start to provide Mac OS version of EtCO2 monitor simulator by FREE!! This program, simulating EtCO2 monitor, has very limited functions based on fully functional TraiMonitor SE. EtCO2 starts to be focused by AHA Guideline 2010 though it hasn't been paid attention so much in the emergency medical care. You have now a little chance to be familiar with EtCO2! You can learn the management of EtCO2 with more realistic image. Please use various training sessions, workshop in a hospital, education for medical students! === The main function === * It shows EtCO2 waveform continuously * You can select 6 types of waveform - Normal - Hyperventilation - Bronchospasm - Air leak - Esophageal intubation - No waveform * You can change a respiratory rate This software is not intended to faithfully reproduce an actual equipment.