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We provide Transartist that can separate and recombine the image content and style of natural images. Transartist allows you to produce new images of high perceptual quality that combine the content of an arbitrary photograph with the appearance of numerous wellknown artworks. Using Transartist you can make a normal picture transform into the artistic style of your own interest, such as Impressionism, Neo-Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Rauvism, Inkwash, and so on. Even you can combine the content of different pictures to try something interesting and creative. For example, you can create a man’s portrait by using a landscape oil painting of Impressionism, making the man’s image with Impressionism oil painting style. 1. Choose an original picture with the content that you want to transform 2. Choose another picture of your interested style 3. Do transformation, combining the content and the style together You can set the iteration, more times, better effect. You can set the frequency of saving pictures, every picture will be saved under the temporary directory. The final document will be saved in the picture folder.