Transition Math On-Track

OS X 10.6.6
Early math confidence + fun = school success! Help your kids master the basics and move on to the next step with this great app. With Transition Math On-Track software, everyday math becomes more fun, as children practice counting, using sets, adding and subtracting, determining greater than/less than and working with shapes and patterns in creative ways. It also includes a few activities for beginning fractions and telling time. Connect-the-dots and hidden number puzzles, along with bonus activities, add to the playful mix! Transition Math helps introduce new skills for kindergarteners or reinforce them for first graders. A unique progress tracking feature allows children to work at their own pace, bookmarks their progress so they can pick up where they left off and provides instant grading to motivate learning. Colorful graphics, silly sound effects, and funny reward animations enhance the learning experience. Plus, there are added features like games and personalized printouts. Kids can take a break between math exercises to play one of three alternating games that challenge and motivate: Pop Cat, Froggy Food or Fan Fare. Printable worksheets provide off-screen learning opportunities, and progress reports and a completion award certificate reinforce hard work. School Zone Publishing Company has been creating children's educational products for over 30 years, so you can trust that School Zone’s software will pack a learning punch Go ahead, and give your child a healthy dose of learning. Features: •Audio guidance •Visual examples •Instant grading •Progress tracking •Positive reinforcement •Bookmarking •Animations •Games •Randomized problems •Math terminology •Music Skills: •Counting •Set value •Identifying and comparing •Greater than/less than •Addition •Subtraction •Identifying shapes •Telling time Ages 6-7 Grade K-1 (U.S. English language & math conventions)