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Translate Box for Mac is a translation comparison and management app. Translate Box shows translation results from several famous translation services at the same time to provide optimal translations. Also, all contents of a translation can be tabulated and systematically managed. • Comparison of Translation Services Users can compare translation results from multiple translation services to obtain the desired translation. • Tabulated Document Users can add new boxes to create new translations, and you can create well-organized documents in table form as boxes stack. • Automatic Language Selection Language is automatically selected and translated into the native language or secondary language according to the input language after setting the native second languages that are most commonly used. • Translating in multiple languages at the same time. Text can be translated into four different languages at the same time. Users can add new boxes to create new translations, add boxes to add new translation services, and remove boxes to remove translation services in use. Translating can be done just like writing a document and it is also possible to separate documents by subject. ** The translation services provided may change depending on the situation of the services.