Translation Dictionary (ES-IT)

OS X 10.9
Translation Dictionary is an essential tool for all those who need to know about translating words into another language. Translation Dictionary is better than all other dictionaries of its type because: - In addition to containing nearly all the words in a language, it also includes the greatest amount of the most commonly used phrases and sentences. - It has a strong search algorithm that finds all phrases and sentences containing the word, to help understand its meaning in different contexts. - When searching for several words, it finds all sentences or phrases containing the words and orders them by relevance. - It includes many standard sentences, which allow you to change certain words and translate multiple sentences with the same structure. - It has an advanced search allowing you to search several similar words, for example "buy, buying, bought, etc.", among other options. - It has an integrated verb conjugator to understand all conjugations, by just selecting a verb in any of its verbal forms. Translation Dictionary does not need to be connected to the Internet to work; it has a simple and pleasant interface and provides many options to work quickly and efficiently. Dictionaries between these languages are included: Spanish -> Italian Italian -> Spanish