Trigonometry Help – Triangle Solver + Formulae

OS X 10.6
Makes solving right-angled triangles easy! Trigonometry help is a simple, yet robust, triangle calculator that enables you to quickly and easily find unknown angles & sides of any right-angled triangle. Once you've found the unknown values, Trig. help can draw a scale drawing of your triangle, so you can get a sense of its proportions. Trig. Help also offers a formula sheet, should you wish to calculate the values yourself. A settings page allows you to easily specify your preferred number of decimal places, angle units (degrees/radians) & more. Also available for iPhone & iPad. What two app store reviewers had to say about Trigonometry Help for iOS: "I could never remember those simple formulas. I always had to dig out my text books from MANY YEARS ago to refresh my memory. THIS LITTLE APP IS A DELIGHT TO USE! I love it! Even my engineer friends are impressed. THANKS!" 5 Stars - Aubry T "Easy to use and accurate with high degree of precision. Would recommend to any toolmaker." 5 Stars - Wolfie400