Trivia Replacement Questions

OS X 10.7
Do you love trivia board games but get repeat questions from playing too often? This is NOT a trivia game with scores, hints, or multiple choice. This is several categories worth of quality trivia questions and answers! Use this app with your favorite trivia board game to enhance your trivia game play. Pick any 6 categories and choose a color for each (16 colors in total) then start the game! This app effectively replaces the questions cards you would normally use with your board game. Features: - 21+ categories - 75+ questions per category - Over 1,500 total questions - Quality human made questions. (not multiple choice) The app includes 6 free categories: Geography, Entertainment, History, Literature, Science, and Sports. A single in-app purchase will unlock all other categories in addition to any categories added to the app in the future. Extra Categories Include: - Star Trek (unofficial) - People - Oscars - World Capitals - Name the TV Show - and more!