Truth or Dare

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Get to know your friends for real! Always wanted to know about your friend’s first kiss? Or have you always wondered what a girl thinks of you? Make a sleepover or a party more interesting with Truth or Dare! The #1 game for having fun with your friends. THE SPICIEST PARTY GAME, NOW IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND. Forget Spin the Bottle and Quarters — because Truth or Dare will take your party to new heights — doing more than just breaking the ice... Get at least three people around the app, and get ready for embarrassing questions and fun challenges! THE FUN, LIVELY AND DIRTY PARTY GAME! Gather all of your friends and let Truth or Dare lead the way. Pass the phone around, and choose between answering a question or doing a challenging dare — it’s fun, lively and totally unrestricted! Work your way through three categories: for beginners, experienced players, and experts looking for something even more challenging! Truth or Dare — Reveal the truth and spice things up in this addictive game for Mac! ● Hundreds of original, funny and challenging Truth or Dares! ● Multiple game modes for kids, teens or real daredevils. ● Set up player names, perfect for large groups and parties! ● Frequently receive new Truth or Dares and other updates. ● Or make it dirty with that special person... Try the best Truth or Dare app TODAY!