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Create 2d games with Tulee Studio. No coding required! Tulee Studio uses Haxe, OpenFL, and HaxeFlixel to allow you to export your games to Flash. With additional steps you can export to Html5, Mac, Windows, Android, Flash, iOS and various other platforms!** Features: - Visual Logic Editor - No Coding Required - Create 2d Games - Built-in Tilemap Editor - Pyxel Edit Support - Spine Support (Spine License is required to use Spine features) - Sprite Objects - Path Objects - Basic Text Objects - Create Particle Effects - Tiled Image Objects - Basic Collision Detection - Multiple Scenes - Sprite Sheets - Sprite Animation Support - Export Game To Haxe Source Code (External tools are needed to compile the game) Create your logic with a visual editor that makes it easy to explore all possible actions. Don't worry about memorizing APIs or managing complex code. Tulee Studio organizes logic inside Finite State Machines (FSM) to allow for easy state changes. **You need the target platform in order to compile natively to it. To compile to Windows requires a Windows machine with Visual Studio, iOS requires Mac with XCode, Linux requires a Linux machine. Additional membership may be needed to publish to different platforms. For example, to publish to Mac or iOS App Store requires an Apple Developer membership. Note: Visit the official Tulee Studio website "Documentation" page to learn how to export your game. (A tool is currently in the works to help with exporting to other targets besides Flash if you are having issues with the current steps.)