Tunnel Lighting Calc

OS X 10.10
TunnelLightingCalc is a Cocoa Mac OSX application specialized to perform lighting calculations for road and road tunnel through simple wizard-dialogues. It is also a 'easy to use' CAD that uses some tools in order to obtain a simple and effective input to create the scene and perform subsequent calculations, and also can import from DXF 3D files. After calculation the result are presented in a complete RTF report. TunnelLighingCalc include all the functionality of Lighting Source Manager and Street Lighting Calc. TunnelLightingCalc has some implementeable internal databases containing: - geographic/territorial information of some cities; - lighting sources catalogues and linked multi-currency prices files; - electrical wires catalogue and linked multi-currency prices files; - special pieces catalogue and linked multi-currency prices files; The working window projects objects within a three-dimensional space that displays the axial reference system and a plane of virtual modeling. The rationalization and intuitiveness of the available commands allow the acquisition of the graphics tools provided by the Application, minimizing the learning curve. Moreover, UNDO and REDO command allow the possibility of control in security in the working progress. Powerful LAYER and VIEW management, intelligent PASTING options (the Application allows to copy the attributes of an object and paste only those that is possible to transfer on an object with different characteristics), RESHAPE, MOVE, ROTATE, MIRROR, SCALE, OFFSET, rectangular and polar ARRAY, EXPLODE, JOIN, DIVIDE, EXTRUDE commands, online HELP for the execution of commands: these are some of the possibilities offered by TunnelLightingCalc. The light sources, calculated as volumetric sources, are managed entirely by the Application, which allows you to import, display, edit and format IESNA LM-63 (ASCII text files normally used by manufacturers of lighting fixtures-North Americans), EULUMDAT (formed by European standards) and even drawings PDF or DXF (the Application converts drawings into photometry!) data files; photometric solids are summarized in 36 azimithal C-curves and 180 zenithal gamma-angles, while the color of the lamps is given by the color temperature or real color. TunnelLightingCalc works in metric or imperial units, runs on Apple computers running OSX fully respecting the specific technology and implements OpenGL for rendering. Optimized for OSX 10.11 (El Capitan). TunnelLightingCalc has an utility for the road projects and road optimization: given the width of the streat, through the choice of a variety of sources, distance and height of the poles, brackets, inclination, ...,the application builds a database for each configuration with all the performed simulations. Through the use of filters you can choose from all the simulations carried out those that meet the parameters of law, the minimum installed capacity per kilometer, the configuration with maximum average luminance, ...