TurboCAD Pro v10

OS X 10.6.8
EXCEPTIONAL VALUE IN 2D/3D CAD TurboCAD® Pro 10 delivers unparalleled value and productivity in a professional 2D/3D CAD package. Fully integrated 2D drafting tools, 3D surface and ACIS® solid modeling tools, assembly tools, advanced architectural tools, and powerful photorealistic rendering are accompanied by thousands of symbols, materials, decals, and more. THE ULTIMATE IN DESIGN PRODUCTIVITY TurboCAD® Pro 10 makes it easy to design in 2D or 3D with the most usability features. • 1.5 Hours of Video Tutorials, guides, and sample models. • Context Sensitive Help (now customizable) assists with any tool instantly • Multi-threading support to speed operations • Gripper Tool to dynamically move, rotate, & scale objects in 2D or 3D • Viewport Layouts display multiple views of your drawing at once • Drawing Wizard to set up your drawing • Custom Toolbar Creation for quick access to your favorite tools • Layers and Layer Sets to organize and more easily edit your design • Over 38,000 2D/3D symbols and parts • 3D Connexion Space Mouse support • Updated File Filters for AutoCAD, Adobe, SketchUp, and STL for 3D Printing COMPLETE SET OF 2D DRAFTING TOOLS Choose from a number of 2D drafting tools including line, arc, curve, circle, ellipse, and spline tools. Access text, dimensioning tools, modifier and transformation tools for easy editing. 3D SURFACE AND ACIS® SOLID MODELING TOOLS Quickly model complex 3D objects with advanced design and modification tools. Primitives, complex and advanced surface tools, as well as surface modifiers and transformation tools are included for surface modeling. New ACIS® R26 solid modeling engine allows for the creation of complex 3D objects as well as data crucial for engineers. PART TREE TurboCAD Pro 10 offers a fully editable, hierarchal part tree for Solids and Surfaces. Like a selective UNDO/REDO tool, users can adjust a middle step in the original design process, and each subsequent step will be applied correctly on the newly updated geometry. ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN TOOLS Create buildings and homes with professional architectural design tools like 2D/3D self-healing walls, parametric doors and windows, roof, and slab tools. 1,000 customizable, pre-drawn floor plans speed design. ASSEMBLY TOOLS A suite of assembly tools connect, mate, align, insert to speed 3D design while snaps and alignment aids ensure accuracy. PHOTOREALISTIC RENDERING Produce professional quality renderings for optimal presentation. Choose from nearly 2000 materials, over 3,700 decals, or apply any *.BMP or *.JPG images to your 3D models for more true-to-life renders. Add lighting, shadowing, reflectance, roughness and environmental effects, then render with the powerful LightWorks Photorealistic Rendering Engine. SKETCH RENDERING Sketch rendering for stills and animations make models look hand drawn. It is particularly appropriate in the early stages of conceptual design to avoid the feeling of completion. Sketch styles include cartoon, color wash, pencil, mosaic and more. PRINTING, PUBLISHING & PDF Print by Layer when you have multiple sets of data within one file that needs printing, or use the Print Window option to simply drag the mouse over the area you wish to print. Use page layouts to print a design from up to 4 different view angles on a single page, or use new 3D PDF Export to share designs electronically in interactive 3D. 3D PRINTING TOOLS TurboCAD Pro includes tools to check and prepare a part for 3D Printing including 3D Print Check, Surface Normals Check, Overhang Analysis, Wall Thickness, Preview Slices, Auto Position, Support Structure, Show Printer Volume, and Printer Definitions. SUPERIOR FILE COMPATIBILITY TurboCAD Pro supports industry standard formats including the latest AutoCAD DWG, DXF, 3DS, Adobe® EPS(export only), Illustrator® and Photoshop®, PICT, PNG, ACIS, TIFF and more. New version offers major improvements to SAT, DWG, and STL. SketchUp 2016 and SAB Export.