Tutor for Keynote ’09

OS X 10.7
PLEASE NOTE: This is for the version released before October 2013. ***** "Valuable approach to Keynote! Very good tutorial." ***** "Better than others that cost 10x more." Download today and let us show you how to use how to use Apple's presentation app Keynote with our video tutorial Tutor for Keynote '09. Tutor for Keynote '09 includes 27 easy-to-follow videos on how to use Keynote '09, Apple's presentation app that was released prior to Oct, 2013. In this tutorial, we not only tell you about Keynote '09, but we also show you how to use the major features in categorized videos. These videos cover everything from the interface to transitions to builds to actions to sharing. Everything you need to create your next presentation in Keynote '09! The tutorial also includes Notes! Add notes as you are watching the tutorial! Find out how to: - choose and preview themes with the Theme Chooser. - add and format text to your slides. - skip slides in your presentation. - add shapes to your slides. - work with tables. - work with charts. - add hyperlinks to your presentation. - build navigation into your self running presentation. - add movies to your slides. - Add images to your slides. - Add audio to slides and to the whole presentation. - mask images. - make colors transparent with alpha channels. - layer and group objects. - use Magic Move transition to simulate movement. - move, rotate, resize objects with Actions. - use comments while building your presentation. - add presenter notes. - rehearse and time yourself. - export your presentation to PowerPoint or PDF. - Add security to your presentation. - do more with Keynote '09! Videos included: - Introduction - Sample Presentation with Keynote '09 - Sample Presentation Up Close - Keynote Terms - Interface Overview - Themes and the Theme Chooser - Adding and Skipping Slides - Slide Transitions - Working with Text - Working with Shapes - Working with Tables - Working with Charts - Hyperlinks and Navigation - Working with Movies - Working with Images - Masking and Alpha Channels - Grouping and Layering Objects - Audio Options - Working with Builds - Using the Magic Move Transition - Using Actions - Using Comments - Presenter Notes, Rehearsing, and Presenter Options - View Options - Sharing and Exporting - Security Options - Conclusion Get the most out of Keynote '09 with this Video Tutorial!