Tutor for MS Word

OS X 10.8
- "I find your tutorials to be some of the best instructional videos I have ever used." - "Noteboom tutorials are the BEST." Do you want to be more productive with Microsoft Word? We can help with our tutorial Tutor for Microsoft Word. Our tutorial includes 39 video lessons designed to help you get more productive with Word. Lessons include an interface overview, saving documents as templates, managing multiple document windows, page layout options, working with headers and footers, adding images. adding tables and charts, tracking changes and reviewing documents, adding security to a document, and more. Video Lessons Include: • Introduction to Tutor for Microsoft Word • Interface Overview • Working with Documents Introduction • Creating Documents • Working with Document Windows • Page View Options • Page Layout Options • Page Design Options • Working with Headers and Footers • Viewing and Setting Document Properties • Reducing Document File Size • Sharing Documents • Creating Mail Merge Documents • Working with Text Introduction • Selecting Text • Searching and Replacing Text • Formatting Text and Paragraphs • Formatting Text with Styles • Adding Hyperlinks • Tables, Shapes, Pictures, SmartArt, and Charts Introduction • Working with Tables • Working with Text Boxes and Shapes • Working with Pictures • Working with SmartArt • Working with Charts • Working with Word References Introduction • Creating a Table of Contents • Footnotes, Endnotes, Citations, and Bibliographies • Checking Spelling and Grammar • Review Options Introduction • Adding Comments • Tracking and Reviewing Changes • Comparing and Combining Documents • Adding Security to a Document • Word Shortcuts and Preferences Introduction • Copy and Paste Options • Undo and Redo Changes • Word Preferences • Conclusion Download Tutor for Microsoft Word and become more productive with Word on the Mac today! - A little bit about us - our tutorials have had over 250,000 downloads in the App Store with an average rating of 4.4 stars. We love to help people learn more about Apple technology. Download Tutor for Microsoft Word and and we'll help become more productive with Word on the Mac.