Tutor for OS X Mavericks

OS X 10.7
Download today and let us show you how to use how to use OS X Mavericks with our 8 hour tutorial! - "A wonderful tutorial! Highly recommended." - "Excellent tutorial and very helpful. Extremely well done." - "Excellent set of tutorials. A fabulous resource." - "Fantastic." - "The best." Download today and let us show you how to use how to use Apple's latest operating system Mac OS X Mavericks with our video tutorial Tutor for OS X Mavericks. Our tutorial includes 59 easy-to-follow videos on how to use Apple's latest operating system and is a total of eight hours in length. The videos are an average of eight minutes for easy comprehension. We not only tell you about OS X Mavericks, but we also show you how to use the major features of OS X as well as what is new in Mavericks including the Maps App, iBooks App, how use tabs in the Finder, adding Tags to your files, and more! This video tutorial is geared for both the new user to OS X and the new user to Mavericks. Features Include: - 59 Easy-to-Follow Videos - No Internet Connection Required - Tutorials are Divided into Short Chapters - Full-Screen Mode and Air-Play Enabled - Low-Cost Solution to Comprehensive Training - With our Notes Feature, you can take notes while watching the tutorial Videos Included: Introduction Getting to Know - OS X Terminology - Migrating from Windows Getting Around - Introduction to the Finder - Working with the Dock - Working with the Menu Bar - OS X Folder Hierarchy - Searching with Spotlight - Working with the Finder - Working with Windows - Working with Tags - Using the Contextual Menu - Finder Preferences - Mission Control and Spaces Setting Up - System Preferences - Users and Groups - Guest Accounts - Parental Controls - Security and Privacy - Printing and Scanning - iCloud - Notifications - Energy Saver - Bluetooth - Sharing - Network - Accessibility - Dictation and Speech Working with Applications - Applications and Launchpad - Full Screen Applications - Installing and Uninstalling Applications Working with Documents - Saving and Autosave - Saving with iCloud - Copying, Moving, and Grouping Items - Deleting Files and Trash OS X Applications - App Store - Maps - Contacts - Calendar - Mail - iPhoto - iTunes - Safari - iBooks - Dashboard Backing Up and Troubleshooting - Backing Up with Time Machine - Troubleshooting Conclusion Get the most out of OS X Mavericks with this Video Tutorial!