Tutor for Pages

OS X 10.7
***** "Highly recommended!" ***** "If you are a Pages novice, this app will get you up to speed in a hurry and painlessly." ***** "Simply perfect." Download today and start learning how to use Pages, Apple's page layout and word processing app. This tutorial includes 66 easy-to-follow videos and covers all the major features of Pages. Find out how to: - restore previously saved versions of your document - switch from page layout documents to word processing documents - wrap tact around images and shapes - style text, charts, tables, shapes, and media - paste and match style - create interactive charts - draw your own shapes with Draw with Pen - make colors transparent with Instant Alpha - add comments to text, cells, another objects - collaborate with iCloud - do more with Pages! Videos include: Introduction Getting Around - Creating Documents with the Template Chooser - Saving Documents to your Computer and iCloud - Reverting to a Previously Saved Version - A Quick Look at the Interface - Customizing the Toolbar - Pages Preferences Setting Up your Document - Page Layout vs. Word Processing Documents - Page Size, Orientation, Margins, and Hyphenation - Viewing Page Layouts and Invisibles - Adding Pages and Page Breaks - Headers, Footers, Page Numbers and Count - Working with Sections - Footnotes and Endnotes Working with Text - Adding, Selecting, and Styling Text - Text Box Fills, Borders, Shadows, and Reflections - Working with Paragraph and Character Styles - Adding a Table of Contents - Pagination, Breaks, Hyphenation, and Ligatures - Copy and Paste Options with Text - Indents, Insets, Tabs, and Borders - Working with Text Columns - Finding and Replacing text - Spell Checking your Document - Text Substitutions and Line Breaks Working with Tables - Adding, Selecting, Moving, and Resizing Tables - Styling Tables and Table Options - Working with Rows and Columns - Working with Header and Footer Rows - Styling and Formatting Cells - Merging and Autofilling Cells - Adding Formulas and Functions to Cells - Copy and Paste Options with Tables - Using Conditional Highlighting Working with Charts - Adding, Selecting, Moving, and Resizing Charts - Editing Chart Data - Working with Chart Styles - Working with Chart Elements - Chart Types including 2D, 3D, and Interactive Charts Working with Shapes - Adding, Altering, Styling, and Adding Text to Shapes - Adding and Working with Lines - Drawing Shapes with Draw with Pen - Advanced Shape Options Working with Media - Adding, Styling, and Adjusting Photos - Adding a Mask to Images - Using Instant Alpha to make Colors Transparent - Adding Movies and Movie Options - Adding Audio and Audio Options Arranging and Layering Objects - Layering by Sending Forward and Backward - Aligning and Distributing Objects - Rotating, Flipping, Grouping, and Locking Objects - Text Wrap and Object Placement - Adding Comments to Objects and Text Sharing Options - Sharing by Sending a Copy and Exporting - Sharing and Collaborating via iCloud - Tracking Changes Conclusion