Tutor for Preview

OS X 10.8
- "I find your tutorials to be some of the best instructional videos I have ever used." - "Noteboom tutorials are the BEST." Increase your productivity by getting the most out of the Preview app on your Mac - all for the price of a good cup of coffee! - Learn to annotate PDFs - Learn to edit images - Learn how to add security to your documents - Learn how to combine multiple PDFs into a single PDF - Learn how to convert images from one file type to another Have you ever wanted to resize an image with your Mac? Or change an image from a JPG to a PNG? How about combine multiple PDFs into a single PDF? With the Preview app on the Mac you can do this and more! The Preview app not only opens PDFS and images, but it also allows you to annotate and edit them. This includes highlighting and adding text, editing, resizing, and combining documents. With Tutor for Preview we show you how to get the most out of Preview. We first look at opening and customizing Preview. From there we focus on working with PDFs including annotating, combining, and adding a signature to PDFs. We also look at working with images including editing and resizing images. We end with sharing and exporting including how we can convert a document from one type to another and add security to documents. Get the most out of Preview with Tutor for Preview! - Our tutorials have helped hundreds of thousands of people learn more about their Macs, iPads, and iPhones. We hope we can help you too!