Tutorials For Creating WordPress Websites

OS X 10.9
Tutorials For Creating Wordpress Websites. If you want to start your own blog with your own domain name, wordpress is the easiesy way to go. Our tutorials covers all the subjects that every beginner needs to start their own Wordpress blog. You will learn to install and use Wordpress with these training tutorial videos in the app: 1. Before Installing Wordpress 2. Install with Fantastico 3. Install with Softaculous 4. Auto Install Function 5. Settings, Widgets, Theme 6. Installing Plugins 7. Settings And Plugins 8. Settings And Plugins - 2 9. Settings And Plugins - 3 B1. Your First Post B2. Adding A Page B3. Wordpress Themes B4. How to Use Widgets B5. Adding Pictures And Videos B6. Editing Posts B7. Categories And Tags B8. Why Wordpress? In addition to these tutorial videos, this app contains a PDF guide that is a 5 day training course for how to start a blog. Wordpress is a free software and it's greatest website maker platform that is used by thousands of bloggers. This tutorial is only for educational purposes. This app is not associated with official software Wordpress or its company.