TweetStory – Old tweets client for Twitter

OS X 10.11
We should never forget our past! TweetStory focuses on this aspect by offering you the possibility to see your Twitter account on this day but past year. Find any tweet whether is a status, a GIF, a video or just quoted from your timeline at that time. You can view, share or even delete your past year tweets. You don't have many tweets? No worries, you can see other Twitter accounts past year tweets whether is a celebrity or one of your friend as long as their profile is public. Give it a try now! WARNING: It might feed your nostalgia. Tears or smiles might appear from nowhere! :) It is a very simple application to use: ▸ First you have to connect with your Twitter account; ▸ Then we’ll use our magic to find and fetch all the tweets from your Twitter that are on the current day and past years; ▸ Finally you can keep those tweets for yourself or you can share them on Facebook, Twitter or just email/message them to your friends. You’ll never miss one day because we have integrated notifications which can be set at the hour that matches with your free time. Feel free to send us a feedback about the app or report a bug… or just say hello you can use the Feedback button from Settings screen. We’ll respond to each email we’ll get from you, it's a promise. Have fun!