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The Tweetwall App for OS X makes it super easy to display Twitter at your event. You just load the app, search for your event, and then select it—the app will take over from there! *** IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have not yet built your Tweetwall, please go to and build it or you will be unable to find your Tweetwall within the app. *** Benefits of using the Tweetwall App for OS X instead of your web browser: • Full screen mode without having to remember the keyboard key combination (or hunt through menus). • Your cursor will automatically hide after a few seconds (until you move it) so that your attendees don't have to see it. • Your computer will not go to sleep while your Tweetwall is being displayed. • Runs Apple's native rendering engine in Safari (Webkit) so your Tweetwall runs smooth. Get the Tweetwall for OSX app today, and don't worry about all the weird quirks of making a browser display your Tweetwall right.