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Picture of Make your twin Do you have a twin brother/sister which looks exactly like you? Here's an interesting way to trick your friends. Will they believe you if you told them that you have a twin? Well if not...then show them some pictures of you and your twin... Create your own twin brother/sister in Twins Maker applicaiton in easy steps 1. Take two or more pictures of your friend, rotate the camera in stable position, just change people position and if you like you can change clothes. Do not use tripod, HANDHOLD SHOOTING only, rotate camera to make the people in the center of viewfinder. 2. Send the pictures to your Mac. 3. Open them in Twins Maker Applicaiton. 4. Create masking for all objects in your photos. 5. Stitch twins photo. 6. Crop the result photo. As far as overlap is concerned, you are shooting digitally so snap away, overlap 30-95% if you want, but err on the side of overlapping too much. If you don’t overlap enough, as Twins Maker app attempts to blend the shots it will not have enough of a fingerprint to blend well. You can take many pictures. It depends on how much clones you want to make. Recommended horizontal photos.