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In the late nineteenth century, typesetters used to keep their movable type in a special type case. This helped them organise and find the right fonts for a specific job. Type case is a modern version of that. It helps you preview and compare the fonts saved on your hard drive so you can find the perfect font combinations for your projects. It's not practical or desirable to install every font you own, so Type case lets you preview fonts without having to install them. Simply add a folder containing a stack of fonts and Type case will check through all the subfolders, find all your fonts and preview them as a list, a grid or a larger 1-up view so you can find perfect font pairings, or prepare a shortlist to present to your team. You can set custom preview text, adjust size and also change the font color. Once you are happy with a selection you can save the project for reference and even export a PDF of the font specimen to use as a style guide or to send to a client.