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#Finally, a typing tutor from this decade, made gorgeous, and without childish games! Yes, we all know those 'typing tutors' written for Windows 95 and aimed at children. They are exactly as fun to look at and to use as they sound… #MOApp to the rescue! TypeTeach is solely written for the latest OS X and the latest Mac; even with Retina Display. You won't find a single childish game and it is fun to look at and to use… #Focus on what's important! The main goal of TypeTeach is to keep it as simple as possible. So that you can focus on what is important: Learning how to better touch type… #It's in the details! TypeTeach comes with well thought out typing and practice lessons. Lessons based on NLP and Motor Learning techniques… #It's your speed and it's your rhythm! You will learn how to touch type with ten fingers in no time. But at your own pace, without any pressure, and without any frustrations… #Because accuracy is everything! In the end you will be able to type with all your ten fingers. And without making mistakes. Because TypeTeach focuses on accuracy. Once you've finished TypeTeach and want to improve your typing and your typing speed, you can do so with its companion app named TypeDrill… Yes, as the name and the pictures indicate: It is for the US (QWERTY) keyboard layout…