U.S. Electoral History

OS X 10.11
U.S. Electoral History Map is a powerful tool for learning the vast and great American history of democratic process in a simple and entertained way. This map is handy and useful for History or Political Science students, professors and anyone interested in American History. Key Features or what you can do with this map: • Learn detailed results of every U.S. presidential election from 1788 to 2016. • Use interactive map to quickly find full electoral results by any state in an easy and cool way. • Control appearances of various political parties - for example, turn some of them off if you don’t need them. • Use Advanced Scale Switcher to determine and show all battleground and deep states you want. • [NEW] Use conditional settings to render the map. For example: you can show only states where any candidate has won more than 50% of the vote. • Impress your friends by sharing astonishing, extraordinary or good-looking Electoral maps on Facebook and Twitter If you have any good idea or suggestion for possible new features, feel free to contact me at duderman67@gmail.com. It’s time to start learning the history of American Democracy with comfort and ease!