U2Any DVD Ripper

OS X 10.6
U2Any DVD Ripper is designed for ripping DVD movies to video or audio. It is a professional yet easy-to-use DVD to video converter software. U2Any DVD Ripper can convert DVD to almost all video and audio formats such as WMV, SWF, AVI, FLV, MP4, ASF, MOV, WMA, M4A, AAC, WAV, and so on. Moreover, you can collect all your DVD movies on multimedia players like iPad, iPhone, iPod, Mobile phone, PSP, Apple TV, Xbox, etc., U2Any DVD Ripper is your honest assistant to help you finish all tasks of DVD ripping in high speed. With U2Any DVD Ripper, you won't trouble others on question of DVD ripping. Main Features: 1. Convert DVD to almost all video and audio formats. 2. Enjoy DVD movies easily on almost all popular devices. 3. Adjust multiple subtitles and soundtracks. Easily you can choose the video with no subtitle or soundtrack for studying or working. 4. All conversions convert in high speed. 5. Help you make your computer shut down or sleep after finish all tasks. 6. Video length of 1 minute to 10 minutes can be ignored. You can unload them after setting parameter in option of preference. 7. Adjust export parameters contain video size (720*460, 480*270), bit rate (512000-2500000), frame rate. And sample rate, audio channels (mono or stereo), and bit rate of audio formats. 8. Support video format output only. 9. Support audio format output only. 10. Send to iTunes when a task done is optional. 11. Preview before ripping. 12. Support converting in batch. Input File Formats: ► video formats: DVD, DVD folders, VIDEO_TS, DVD MEDIA, ISO DVD Media. Output File Formats: 1.Video Formats: ► WMV ► SWF ► AVI ► FLV ► MP4 ► ASF ► 3GPP ► DVD MPEG2 ► MOV ► High Definition (HD) 2. Audio File Formats ► MP3 ► WMA ► M4A ► AAC ► AIFF ► WAV Output Devices Supported: ► iPad Retina, iPad Mini, iPad2, etc,. ► iPhone Retina, iPhone 3GS etc., ► iPod Touch ► A.n.d.r.o.i.d phone ► Mobile phone ► PSP ► Apple TV ► Xbox ► Other devices (Archos AV 700 video, iRiver PMP, Archos AV 500 video, Zune WMV) Note: If you have some problems,Please send an email to AppsBuyer@outlook.com. We will solve these issues as quickly as possible. If you want to sell your apps, you can also contact us!