OS X 10.11
Description An automated bingo machine ideal for groups from 8 to 800 hundred of Bingo lovers. • Hook up your MacBook or Mac Mini to a high def tv or projector using an HDMI cable or AppleTv and even those in the back of the room will be able to see the balls and hear the numbers called with ease. • UltimateBingoMachine is easy to use and comes with 35 of the most popular bingo games. If there is another game that you like to play, simply design the game yourself with the UltimateBingoMachine's Design Game. You can save the game to be used every time you play bingo. Features • Totally Automatic - balls are picked randomly at a user defined interval from 5-60 seconds. • Automatic - press a button to randomly select a ball • Manual - select the ball by using a cage, for example, and then enter the ball. • The UltimateBingoMachine will never call a ball that is not in your game. For example, if you play B&O then no balls in I, N, and G will be called. • As balls are selected each ball is clearly displayed on the board. The last 10 balls called also are prominently displayed so that your players can easily see what's been called. • You have the option of using a female voice or a male voice to announce the balls. You can also choose to announce the balls yourself. • Comes with 35 of the most popular bingo games. • If you have a favorite game that isn't included, Design your own game and save it