Undercover Agent

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Undercover Agent Shades gets possession of a Governmet Mission box containing prints and drawings which the Undercover Agency is anxious to obtain at any means. But he makes the mistake of opennig the box and finding out the currupt secert of the governmet. Now the governmet will not rest tell they have Shades and the box. You have to get out of the city to the safe house and figure out who is behind it all and take him out. The army, swat, and goverment agent are ordered to shoot you down. Servive and kill anyone that stands in your way. Shades is the last hope for this nation. Gamebread Live to Play Controls: W - Forward S - Back D - Right Step A - Left Step Space bar - Jump E - Enter Vehicle/Turret Shift - Slow Motion Left Mouse Click - Shoot Right Mouse Click/X - Grenade Scroll - Weapon Change