Unforgettable Paradise

OS X 10.9.0
A unique 3D game of city building, trading, arbitrage and collectible cards that is easy to learn and almost indefinitely re-playable. Are you ready to become a superstar property tycoon in paradise? You can by playing Unforgettable Paradise. Start your ascent to superstardom by being a relentless deal maker. Buy and sell multimillion dollar properties. Once you have mastered the art of flipping properties, build a fortune by developing billion dollar skyscrapers. Change the landscape of the city to your liking. On the side, collect cards and build a formidable deck to battle it out with rival players, loot your opponent's assets and engage in the fast paced world of commodities trading to make even more money. Key features: Success isn't random. Build your business acumen up by picking the right times to buy, sell or rent out your buildings. Be creative. Design and build your own soaring skyscrapers. Stunning 3d graphics and easy controls. Move around your island by effortlessly dragging your finger around the screen and use pinch gestures to zoom in and out. Unforgettable Paradise is a fast paced strategy game with relentless action. 12 seconds in-game time is equal to 1 month in the real world. There is no waiting around for things to happen in this game. Find different ways of making money: you can flip existing properties, trade commodities, buy unused land and develop luxury apartments. You can even assemble your own private army and battle it out with other players for coins. Unlock new technologies such as super-tall skyscrapers, lucrative gold mines and extreme military technology to blast out rivals. A game within a game. Unforgettable Paradise features an additional collectable card called "Hostile Takeover" where you can build a deck, draw weapons of mass destruction and cast them into play. Use these cards to attack your enemies and win coins to build up your city. This is a streamlined take on the mechanics of popular card trading games, with automated resource management and much faster action.