Up n’ Down

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The popular Portuguese Up n' Down card game on your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad and also Mac. With support for up to 4 players, beautiful graphics and smooth animations. Up n' Down is a game common in Portuguese universities and is a trick-taking game in which the goal is to reach a score of zero - playable in single-player or in multi-player (anonymous or through GameCenter). It is a fun game, with just the correct amount strategy involved to keep you interested and keep you coming back, playing it for hours. Up n' Down offers many exciting features, including: - Thoroughly improved multiplayer mode, you can use your Mac, iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad to play with your friends on theirs - Resume mode (single-player) so that you can always continue from where you left - Beautiful exclusive made graphics and playing cards for all devices - Included Up n' Down play rules and game description - Play using Portuguese or Brazilian rules - Leader board and an extensive list of achievements - Your playing statistics This is it, the Up n' Down game you've been waiting - check it out!