uPhoto Quick Viewer

OS X 10.6
uPhoto Quick Viewer is one software that can help you quickly view all photos under you specify folder .Include the sub folder 's image of you specify folder. You can Slideshow,rotate ,flip,search ,sort,remove,trash , set desktop image elc... ★ Features ★ ✓.Easy management Drag your photos or folders to the specified zone, uPhoto Quick Viewer will open up photos or all files of folder quickly, including its sub folders. ✓.Support JPEG,TIFF,PICT,BMP,GIF,PNG,TGA,SGI,PSD,EXR,JP2 file formate. ✓. Search easily You can easily find files you need by sorting them or entering full or part of name in “search”field . ✓. Slideshow’s function Click SlideShow button ,enter slideShow mode ✓. Management function Select one picture, you can delete it, copy it, enlarge it, narrow it, and flip horizontally or vertically. ➠➠ ➠➠ ➠➠ ➠➠ ➠➠ If you have any suggestion ,tell me(Arbor_tian@me.com) ,I will add your suggestion to update version. let us do it better.