USMLE Step 1 Pathology Flashcards

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Study for the USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Exam) Step 1 with over 3000 questions that will help you master the material to do well on Step 1 of the USMLE. Pathology is the most heavily tested subject on Step 1. Here are the topics and flashcards included in this program: Inflammation: 126 flashcards Acid/Base Blood Gas:38 flashcards Nutrition and Disease: 140 flashcards Clotting: 134 flashcards Cellular Changes: 48 flashcards Cell Cycle: 62 flashcards Cellular Injury: 118 flashcards Fluid Shifts: 161 flashcards Hematology: 375 flashcards GI: 365 flashcards Kidney: 164 flashcards Urology: 51 flashcards Gynecology: 125 flashcards MSK: 98 flashcards Skin: 31 flashcards Neuro: 75 flashcards Cardiology: 322 flashcards Respiratory: 226 flashcards Cancer: 196 flashcards Endocrine: 205 flashcards Total # of Questions:3060 The cards were created by students and now physicians who scored a 240 or higher on their USMLE Step 1. The program itself offers various features and options for a great and convenient learning environment which include: - Ability to Randomize cards - Can Flag cards for later use - Grade cards by using gestures - Study only missed cards, only new cards, only correct cards, flagged cards, or study all cards - Study all categories or selected categories - Timed mode to automatically flip card and advance cards. - Ability to edit and delete cards - Convenient statistics panel to see progress - Can change background color and text color - Can change text size - Can see back of card first You can try out our Lite version to see the features and how to use the program.