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This app is a webcam client software for your Mac and mobile device (iOS, Android). This app enables you to turn camera-enabled computers working on Mac into the web camera. It allows you to remotely monitor live audio and video feeds from your Mac and mobile device over Wi-Fi and cellular networks. * Main Features: - Listen and watch your built-in iSight/USB camera live through Mac and mobile device - Direct access to video and audio streams between Mac and mobile device without 3rd party application - Support 2 Way audio - Push To Talk - Display real time audio graph - Automatically capture images and videos by in-app motion/face and audio detection - Event-detected recordings can be optionally save to local folder (Movies) on your Mac or Cloud server - Snapshots at regular intervals are taken and stored in local folder (Pictures) or your Cloud server - Support Google Drive, and Dropbox - Easily retrieve images and videos by event type and date stored in your local folder (Pictures/Movies)or your Cloud account - Audio & Motion Detection with adjustable sensitivity up to 10 levels - Frame rate control with adjustable sensitivity up to 10 levels and best * In order to use this app, you will need: - Install uNetCams on your Mac from Mac App Store - OR one of uCamPro, uCamPro HD, uNetCams, uNetCams HD on your iOS device from the iTunes Store - OR uCamPro on your Android device from Google Play - Internet connection (through Wi-Fi or 3G/LTE) on the mobile device and the Mac - To make sure that your webcam and microphone are enabled on your Mac - To setup your Cloud account if you want to save your images by referring to Google Drive, Dropbox * For more detail about how to use, refer to the page at ubntek.com/uwebcammac.