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Vector code Lite is the limited version of Vector code. You won't be able to export the generated code, and it will only generate first 42 lines of the code that you can use for simple drawings. Vector code allows you to generate executable code from your drawings and designs. It uses scalable vector graphic (svg) format as input that is the standard of all vector drawing applications. *Svg load and save *Sketch, draw, paint using built in editor *Generates objective c and c# code for osx and ios *Pencil, line, rectangle, ellipse, bezier, path, text, zoom, free hand draw, solid paint *Group, ungroup, duplicate *Shape library with nearly 100 shapes grouped in categories *Build your own custom controls easily, generate pdf, image, or printer documents *Bring designs from existing editors that you use or from internet in svg *Transparency support It generates objective c and c# code for osx and iOS with lowest possible drawing api for high performance (Core Graphics C API) as output. Uniform coordinate system for all platforms. You can use generated code for all device-specific information needed to render the paint on a page to the destination, whether the destination is a window in an application, a bitmap image, a PDF document, or a printer. You can use generated code in your apps without any external dependencies as the code is only using Core Graphics Api. It is a must have for your design toolbox whether you are developing for one platform or many platforms You can export all the code to include in your project within the application. Using the editor you can sketch for desired resolution for your target platform. And use the generated code for your apps. It allows you to use a single design to generate native code of the platform You can use in app designer or use existing designs to load the file and generate the code