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Help you complete the desire to make art. Design a complete set of icons to ensure their consistency of style. Achieve unity in all aspects of modeling, perspective, size, color, effects processing, so as to ensure that each icon has its style fit. Second, control the number of icons of elements, some unnecessary elements to decisively removed. Icon should be a way for the graphical user easily identify the language, rather than become a burden on the user to read. But also to fully demonstrate the degree of difference between the various icons to enhance their recognizable icons to help users understand the reading. Furthermore this icon also consider applications environment. Different countries, different social environments, different cultures have different traditions graphics knowledge to understand. While also taking into account the emotional factors, avoid using sensitive graphics. Therefore, beginning in the design should be considered carefully, with caution. Finally, the painting icons have enough patience for the tedious details to afraid, carefully try to figure out. Every innovative design come from a wide variety of reference. You can use Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop software is perfect to use. Art is a basic design, but we need more time reference in painting, now do the design, is the same reason. We not only provide a reference, we provide the most professional icon design source files. The most professional design, all show in front of you, as long as easily open use, you can make your design more perfect. Our aim is to let the user Faster and more efficient work and study. We will quickly update the product, so you have more resources. Please pay attention to us, we will do better.