Video Rotate & Flip

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Want to Rotate/Flip a Video? Just 3 steps - Open any video, Specify the Orientation & Click Save Video. That's it! ● Availability of Two Modes - Fast Mode / Slow Mode. ● Fast Mode : If the source video is taken with iPhone/iPad (or has .h264 codec), Only the orientation flag of the video file is modified with out any encoding so that it is compatible with iOS and Quicktime Players. ● Slow Mode : User has the option to force encode, so that the video is rotated permanently frame by frame with encoding so that it is compatible with all Video Players. ● Supports most popular video file formats. ● A .mp4 file with H264 video codec and compatiable audio codec will be created. Questions/Issues - Please use the contact form at Note : App wont be able to open encrypted or .VOB or 5.1 Channel video files.