Video slow & fast speed Ramp

OS X 10.11
Speed up or Slow down multiple parts of the video in one go. Using the application, You can create Multiple Fast Motions, Slow Motions in the Same Video.You can mix the segments like first part as Slow, second part as Fast motion and third as Slow again. You could slow down or speed up the videos in many different varieties as well. For example : -- You could set a part to slow down by 2x speed.This will reduce the play speed of the selected part of the video to half. -- You could set an another part to speed up by 4x.This will increase the video play speed of the selected part by 4 times. Various speeds like 1.5x,2x,2.5x,4x,4.5x,8x,10x,20x and many more are supported which helps in achieving the desired speed level. By increasing the video play speed, you could quickly go through the parts of the videos that are not that important and then start with normal speed on the important parts of the video. To show more focus on a certain part of the video, you could slow down that part. For example : -- If you have encountered any funny moment in a video, you could slow down that part for fun. -- You can use the app for improving your game of Tennis, swimming, running etc. You can use slow motion and see where the improvement is needed. While speeding up and slowing down the video parts, the application also removes the distorted audio from those parts.This helps to concentrate on video with no unwanted audio & gives good video viewing experience. The application supports precisions upto a fraction of second.When you select the start and end points of the parts of video, even the microseconds are considered.This makes sure that no frames are dropped and you get the highest quality possible. The Videos could be controlled frame by frame. In order to traverse through a video frame by frame, move the mouse cursor over the playing video. A progress bar will appear. Now, use the left arrow and right arrow key to go through the frames. The application supports MOV,MP4 & M4v video formats. It is very easy to use. In order to Speed up or slow down a part of video, please follow below steps : Step 1: Click on the button "Select a Video". You could also the Drag and Drop the video directly to the application.The application supports MP4,M4V and MOV Video formats. Once the video is selected , it will start playing automatically. ** To view the progress bar, move the mouse cursor over the video. ** When the mouse button is moved over the video, the controls will automatically appear.There, the video could be paused and the present duration of the video could be seen as well.Also, one can go to any desired location by dragging the progress bar.When the video is playing, you can use left and right arrow key to go frame by frame. Step 2: Click on Button "Set Start Point". By clicking on this button, the start point could be selected.This will mark the point from where the Video speed change will start. Step 3: Click on Button "Set End Point". By clicking on this button, the end point could be selected.This will mark the point till which the Video speed change will be done. Step 4: Select a Speed type from the Drop Down. There are two options named "Slow Down" and "Speed Up" Step 5: After this, you could selected the Speed level like 2x,4x,6x,10x and etc. Step 6 : Click on button "Add Settings to the List".This will add the present start time, end time and all settings to a list that is located on the top right side of the application. Step 7 : Now, if you want to add more segments, please click on the "New Selection" button. After this, please go from Step 2 to step 5 until all required segments of video are added to the list for which you want to change the speed. Step 8: Click on "Save Video" button to save the video.Once this button is clicked, the app will ask the location where the Video should be saved.Please select a folder and the app will save the complete video to that folder.