Video Sound Amplifier

OS X 10.11
If you have ever faced trouble in hearing the low sound of a video, this application can help you.This application increases the volume of Video so that its sound becomes audible.The video having enhanced sound level are saved as a separate video. This could resolve the issue where even after setting the maximum volume you could not hear the voice of what is being said in the video. The application is very easy to use. Just add the videos , set your desired amplification level and click on the button "Amplify Selected". The application supports various video formats like MOV,M4V,MP4,AVI,FLV,MKV & WMV. The application offers customization to the sound levels as well. The sound level of the Video could be adjusted between 1dB to 120dB as per the requirement. After increasing the volume level, the videos will be audible clearly on devices like MacBook,Mac Mini,iPhone,iPad and etc. The application supports batch processing. Using this feature, audio of even hundreds of videos could be amplified in just a click. Some practical usage of the application: - If you have received a video and are unable to understand what is being said , use this application to increase the volume level of video.The application will make the audio clearly audible. - If there are some murmuring or faded voices in the video, the application could increase their sound and make them audible as well. - Increase the volume level of training videos and make them easily understandable. - Many videos that are downloaded from internet or are received from social media have low volume levels.The application could increase the volume level and boost them for such videos as well.