Video to GIF Pro

OS X 10.10
Video to GIF Pro is the best video to GIF creator, It can extract clips even frame from your video files for convert to GIFs. It supports all popular video formats, such as avi, mp4, wmv, rmvb. Key features: -Convert clips into small GIF files -Rotate, flip, crop, resize the video -Support multiple captions -Create GIFs with customise FPS, resolution -Support some common photo effect, such as old film effect, mono, fade, chrome -Support color palette encoder Support Video Formats: -Advanced Streaming Format(*.asf) -Audio video interleaved(*.avi) -Windows Media Video(*.wmv, *.xwmv) -MP4 video base on DivX encoder(*.mp4) -MPEG-4 Video file(*.mp4, *.mov, *.m4v) -Matroska multimedia file(*.mkv) -MPEG-1, MPEG-2 video file(*.mpg, *.mpeg) -Flash video(*.flv, *.f4v, *.swf) -Third Generation Partnership Project video format(*.3gp, *.3g2) -HTML5 video file(*.WebM) -Professional digital video media file(*.dv, *.mod, *.tod) -Real media file(*.rm, *.rmvb) -High define resolution video file(*.ts, *.m2ts, *.mts, *.avc, *.tp) Note: CANNOT Support DRM protected video files.