Video To MOV Converter

OS X 10.11
If you have ever faced problem in playing videos on computer then this application is for you. This application converts all unsupported video formats to MOV format that is suitable for playing on your computer and all other devices like iPhone and iPad. MOV is a video format that is natively supported by the operating system. Hence it ensures that you never face any issue while playing videos across your devices. It supports AVI, MKV, MP4,WMV and FLV video formats. It converts all of such videos to MOV so that these could be played on computer in the default player without giving any error. The application also supports Batch Processing. This means that you could convert hundreds of videos to a MOV format in just a click of button. Example : If you have received a video in email which is in AVI format. Just use this application to convert it to MOV and you will be able to play it in the default player without any issue. Now a days, we get videos in various formats from various sources like from another phone in which the videos are recorded in an unsupported format or from various social media or messaging applications.Sometimes such videos do not play on our computer. This application will make them playable on your computer by converting them to MOV format. The application is very easy to use.Just add the videos, select them and click "Convert Selected" button.The videos will be converted to compatible format.